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 Yoga and Counselling

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.

About me

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Life is growth
Sometimes the hard times make for the most surprising changes.
My personal journey of bodywork eventually brought me to relationship dynamics and sex therapy.
Ever since my training in yoga and ralationship therapy I have tried to find a valuable connection between mindfulness, exercise and valuable verbal exchange.

My yoga journey started in 2007. in 2015 I trained in Hatha and Raja Yoga to become a teacher.
Since 2020 I have been working as a relationshsip and sex counsellor

Everyone is unique. Everyone has an individual story.
I believe every person has a right to lead a vital and fullfilled life. And that you can't have light without shadow. For my work I hope to join in you in this part of oyur life journey and to assist in an instinctive and authentic way.

Work with me

Are you looking for support in your relationship or sexuality?
I am excited to support you in your journey.

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Relationship counselling

Me and my colleagues work with a dynamic approach. We will always be two counsellors for two clients to give you the best care.

Possible topics:

  •  Difficulties in communication
  • Sexual Conflict
  • Intimacy
  • Connection and individuality
  • Monogamy and non-monogamy
Nadja is sitting in a yogapose in the studio, hands in prayer


My yoga classes are based on the yogic philosophy of combining breath, body and mindfulness.
This discipline will guide a new way of self care.


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One on one counselling

Single sessions are based on relationship dynamics and holistic healing. I accompany your journey with body work and talk therapy techniques.

Topics could be:

  • Relational skills
  • Trauma
  • Sensory difficulties
  • Repeating conflict
  • Loneliness
polaroid of a couple, she is lying on his lap, both are in underwear, no faces are shown

Sex counselling

Sexuality is an expression of vitality. This expression is formed and influenced by experience and personal history. Sometimes this vital force needs specific attention.

Common experiences:

  • Erectile dysfunction/difficulties
  • Problems orgamsing
  • Intense feelings of shame and guilt
  • Abuse
  • Inappatence
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One on one/Sex counselling
60min./€60  -  90min./€90

Couples councelling (two counsellors for two clients)
90min. - €200


One on one lessons
60min./€60  -  90min./€90

Prices for open classes can be found on the studio websites